What women want in bed

Although most people settle for a good sex life, there is much room to have a great sex life. Women are among the less assertive members of our modern society, but still desire to have sexual fulfillment and adventures just as men do. Here are some of the things that women do really want in bed.


When giving her those foreplay moments, your lady definitely wants you take the game to the next level and whisper in her ears. Shower her with compliments and tell her boldly how awesome and attractive she is.

Dirty Talk

Do not just tell your woman she is beautiful! Say it like you mean it and add some flavor. Tell her in an emotionally enticing manner. Employ some dirty words and let her feel just how special she is to you. This is not only a good feeling for her, but also a sure way to turn her on and light her brain into giving to playing with the flow and reciprocating your sexy moves on her.

Read her body language

As much as women appreciate men taking charge and setting a blazing hot sexual atmosphere in the bedroom, they also want you to look at them and address their body language. Take your time and read her body language read the “aahs and oos” and slow down or steady your rhythm accordingly. This works well in working out a team effort towards sexual gratification for both of you. So you should attend to her needs and lighten the game or make it rough by what her body responses to your touches and penetration tell.

Use reinforcements

Women love kink in the bedroom. As much as your manhood is great in getting your woman excited and responding to sexual pleasure, there is so much you can do with a dildo and a butt plug. Having these elements as part of your bedroom arsenal for sex will create a much better experience and fulfillment than with your bare muscles. Trust me on this one. There is nothing that beats improvisation and spontaneity when it comes to sex. Women appreciate a few touches here and there with a didlo and a well-fitted butt plug to awaken the wild desires for sexual exploration. Using a blindfold is also effective as a measure of building anticipation and more appetite for sex.


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