What Are Sleep Orgasms

A sleep orgasm is a form of a spontaneous orgasm in which the sexual stimulation and climaxing comes independently without physical touch. Sleep orgasms are actually more common among women than men.

The nature of a sleep orgasm

Sleep orgasms happen even without the full consciousness of a person. Typically, a sleep orgasm unfolds when a person is in a deep sleep and relaxed. The nature of a sleep orgasm is like a deep rush of pleasure throughout the body. The person having a sleep orgasm cannot directly relate to it and retell it. For women, sleep orgasms are “aha moments” in which they try and adjust to the memories of rushes of pleasure which they cannot fathom in their conscious mind. Naturally, sleep orgasms happen in the subconscious and that is the level of the mind at which they are experienced.
Once a person has experienced a sleep orgasm they typically wake up with faint memories of the orgasm. For most people they recall sleep orgasms as instances of an erotic dream. While it is quite hard to relate or retell an erotic dream that resulted in orgasm for women, men have an easier time. In reality, men experience sleep orgasms as much as women, but they are commonly known as wet dreams.

The subconscious mind

Sleep orgasms might be unbelievable in the face value, but they are real and men prove the case for sleep orgasms with physical proof of the secretion of semen on their garments or skin.
Although, sleep orgasms are still hard to explain in a layman’s language, sex is in the mind and the psychological status of the mind is a circuitry of emotions. Although we might be deep asleep, the subconscious mind is ever alert and directs the body to release psychologically in our sleep by affecting the flow of sex hormones to pleasure the body into an orgasm. All brain systems responsible for sexual arousal are set into a storm of neurological arousal by increased blood flow and wiring the mind to give way for a sexual orgasm.


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