The Real Advantages of Being a Stripper

Some of the fasted ways to make money in the adult industry is stripping. However, stripping is viewed as a vice rather than an entertainment job. In reality, a lot of people think of it as a degrading line of work. However, stripping is equally a profession of choice and it comes with various real advantages. You might not have thought of it, but there are a lot of benefits of being a stripper.

Here are the top advantages of being a stripper.

1. Shiny clothes and ornaments everyday

As a stripper you get to wear all the flashy and stylish wear the fashion industry has to offer. A stripper is actually paid to wear fashionably and entertain guests. In other words, a stripper has the privilege to wear expensive, top dollar clothing such as bedazzled bras. No one else has the privilege of dressing up and undressing from one expensive costume to another and get paid for it day in day out.

2. Center of attention

Being a stripper is like being given the spotlight on the center stage of a glamorous effect with the cameras pointing at you and all eyes on you at the same time. This is a feat reserved for the rich and famous, especially actors and actress or billionaires out there, which is not readily available to other people. Mind you the stripper is paid for appearing on the dais to perform and entertain with her looks and dancing skills.

3. Physical Health

A stripper is expected to dance spontaneously all through the night to keep the guests entertained. This is quite a rigorous form of exercise, which definitely shapes the body and cuts down excess body weight. Although, you might not get a sporadic shape from strip dancing, it builds self-esteem and a much likeable self-image from the notable abs that come with such routine dancing.

4. Money

Although a lot of people think guests literally throw money at strippers, it is not really true. However, it is not entirely untrue either. Stripers are pampered with money by guests and some clients actually tip strippers by placing dollar bills in their underwear as they perform onstage. Mind you this is just tip money on top of their actual pay by their employer. This is also supplemented by gifts such as clothing or whatever a guest may bring to show their appreciation for the performance by a stripper on stage.


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