How to Have Your Best Orgasm

Although sex is not necessarily a goal-based undertaking, it is really frustrating to have sex without a mind-blowing orgasm to top it up. As much as orgasms are a desirable part of sex, they are not automatic and most people just settle for whatever level of orgasmic release they get during sex. However, this should not be the norm. Here are a couple of practical tips to improve your sex life by working out the best orgasm possible for your own gratification.

Experiment with your body

Although it might sound far-fetched, an orgasm is like a sport and the more you practice the better you become at it. In reality, for you to have better and more gratifying orgasms, you need to be more aware of your body. You actually need to be in touch with your body and know for sure what turns you on and what takes you to the climax of pleasure. Masturbating is one way to get your sexual release more activate and well-coordinated. You ought to practice orgasmic release by pleasuring yourself in a manner that puts your sexual organs and hormones in synchronicity with your impulses and physical touch.

Schedule your sex time

The mind is such a power tool and it is largely useful in harnessing mind-power to program your body into giving you awe-inspiring results when it comes to orgasms. Scheduling your sex time is like putting a trigger on your body and setting a bomb-ticker like alarm to go off at exactly the time and the way you want it! Seriously, if you put the effort and have time at an exclusive time during the day continuously, you will set your body to release sexually in such a good rhythm that will blow your mind with disbelief.

Kegel Exercises

In order to influence your body’s sexual release process, you must be aware and in charge of the muscles that affect release and the flow of sexual juices responsible for an orgasm. The good news is that you do not need a doctor to learn and master these essential muscles. All you need to do is practice for about 2-3 times a week. The approach is really simple and all it takes is to experiment with your ability to hold the flow of pee when it is mid-way through excretion. Usually, it is forbidden to it practice during actual flow of pee, but rather assume it is flowing and try to stop it.


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