A man’s guide to oral sex

Receiving oral sex is quite a dynamite for everyone and women too, just like men love oral sex. The pleasure that comes from feeling the sensations of pleasure driven by the touch of a partner on the genitals is nothing but mind-blowing. Although men are more accustomed to receiving oral sex it is really time to return the favour and pleasure their lovers too. Giving women oral sex is the absolute bomb to rock their mind and score those high points on your sex skills book.

Here are some effective ways to give oral sex to a woman.

1. Set the mood

Sex is a psychological affair as much as it is a physical activity. The first thing you must do to give a totally great experience of oral sex is to make your lady relax and let her mind pay attention to you and your touch only. This will keep distractions at bay and she will enjoy and flow with the stimulation you apply on her body from the mere touch of hands and caresses until you get down on her with your tongue.

2. Position

Your lover will definitely find the most comfortable for your pleasure time and you too should position yourself comfortably with the support a pillow and other beddings especially if you are going down on her on the bed. Making sure she is comfortable and confirm with her. Then spread her legs wide open with her body resting on her back on the bed. Get on your knees and position yourself between her legs and start teasing her from the lower parts of her thighs.

3. Build Tension

Do not rush to lick her vagina and clitoris all at once. The secret to a mind-blowing oral job is to tense her with anticipation by teasing her inch by inch one minute at a time. Start by the tip of your tongue and lick her inner thighs slowly and increase speed momentarily.

4. Follow her reactions

As you approach her vagina roll your tongue into a fine tip and brush her labia gently and slowly as if trying to open the petals of a flower. Reel her with pleasure by going up and down the inner and outer lips of her vagina back and forth slowly and then in a steady rhythm for maximum effect.

5. Climax

At this point, she is definitely soaked in pleasure and her body is aching from excitement on the verge of an explosion. It is time to engage her clitoris. Take it by your tongue as if scooping some nectar with a small spoon. Run over it with your tongue over again repeatedly until she explodes into climax.


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